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Welcome to
Bali Audio Academy


Welcome to Bali Audio Academy, an upcoming and eagerly anticipated audio school in Bali.


We are hard at work forging partnerships to guarantee an exceptional learning experience for our future students.


Simultaneously, we are meticulously handling all legal aspects, including visas and work permits, to ensure a seamless journey for all.

With optimism in our hearts, we aim for our first intake to commence in 2024.

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Guitar player in studio with microphones
The Concept

We offer comprehensive training in music production, live concert sound, and broadcast for radio and TV. Our state-of-the-art classroom is equipped  with all necessary software and plugins for an immersive learning experience.

Bali's vibrant music scene offers numerous internship possibilities, helping students who are performers (musicians, DJs) make valuable contacts and showcase their talent to live audiences. 

Teaching Philisophy

We have organized our courses into modules. As we want our students to have a comprehensive knowledge of sound, all modules must be completed.

Mornings will be dedicated to classes where students will learn from our teachers about sound, equipment, business, etc.

Afternoons will consist of more practical sessions in our classrooms or in studios, partner sound companies, concert locations, etc.

This is when students can focus more on the subjects they are most attracted to and develop a passion for a specific audio field.

We will ensure that our students collaborate actively with local Indonesian artists, and our presence on the island will be a creative boost and a. cultural exchange.

To further enrich our curriculum, we organize master classes and workshops,

featuring guest speakers who are undisputed experts in their respective fields.

The conclusion of our program is a dedicated course in a studio equipped with the legendary SSL 9000J mixing console. This high-end studio experience allows each student to produce their own track, unleashing their creativity in a professional-grade environment.

A laptop in the studio, with Logic open

There is no diploma or studies prerequisite to join the Bali audio Academy.

However, you need to be passionate in the area of music production, recording, deejaying etc...


It will help you a lot if you have good basis in physics and maths.

It is recommended that you have experience with music production software like Protools, FL studio, Abbleton Live, Logic pro etc...

If you are a musically trained and play an instrument, that is also a great way to start.


The final step in joining the Bali Audio Academy, is an online interview with our team to make sure you have the passion and are ready for this journey. This will make sure you will feel right at home with the fellow students and teachers in Bali.

An image of the rehearsal room of DaBeat Studios in Bali
Job opportunties
Music Industry



Music Production

Beat making

Music Production

Artist management

Sound equipment
Live sound

FOH Mixer

Monitor Mixer

Conference Audio

Music director

Stage manager

Road manager


A lady singer during a concert

Sound for live TV

Radio advertising

TV and cinema advertising
Film sound recorder

Sound designer

Podcast producer

Live TV audio mixer

Radio Host during a Podcast recording
Visa & workpermits

We will take care of visas for our students ig they regsiter for the whole 6 months course.


These visas will be "cultural exchange" visas. Students will not be allowed to work in any way in Indonesia under this visa. Strict rules do exist for internships and learning on the job situations.

Our long term students will be covered by local medical insurance, and they will have access to doctors in a partner hospital.
We still recommend our students to have travel insurance in case of major health issues needing repatriation.

Exchanging documents like passport an air tickets
Bali street mums

We are actively committed to assisting Bali, and we have selected a non-profit organization called Bali Street Mums.


They provide essential support to street children and their moms in Bali by offering them food, education, and medical care.


To support their mission, we will contribute a fixed amount for each person who enrols in our courses.


Additionally, we will host events and concerts, with all the proceeds from these activities being donated to Bali Street Mums.

We will also arrange visits for our students to the Bali Street Mums' facility, where they can contribute in any small way possible.


Furthermore, we have a membership club associated with our school, primarily for parents and friends of our students, and there as well, we will make a fixed donation per member.

This is the logo of a non profit organisation called Bali Street Mums

Stay In Touch.

A sound engineer in a studio
The logo of Bali Audio Academy

Temporary European adress:

2 Rue du chantier

1000 Brussels

Tel: +32 - (0)472 975 400

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Pricing and practical information

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